Hi, my name is Elijah Hall a.k.a GRIZZAVELI, I’m an independent indie artist based out of Wellington, New Zealand. My love for rapping started when I was 7 years old when my cousin played me his Snoop Dogg and 2pac tapes.

The artists that have influenced my music the most include 50 cent, Future, Max B and the greatest of them all, 2pac.

I’ve been rapping for 6 years now; in that time I’ve released 4 mixtapes, all of which have been received well online.

I’m a very determined and dedicated artist and I love making music. The greatest joy of all is getting complimented by a fan who’s life I’ve touched through my music.

I produce my music in a small makeshift studio. I dedicated hundreds of hours teaching myself to produce, and to make everything sound perfect.

My goal is to get international recognition for my art because I truly believe I have something unique to offer the world.

“Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.” Tupac Shakur